Centerpieces for the Mastic Beach Fire Department Installation Dinner!

22 Centerpieces for the Mastic Beach Fire Department Installation Dinner !!
Each centerpiece has 12 cookies - One cookie pop for each guest ~ I made their badge on a cookie!
A huge THANK YOU!! to all of the Mastic Beach Board of Fire Commisioners for giving me this great opportunity for my cookies to be apart of your special evening!  


Darleen's Bridal Shower Cake

Darleen's Bridal Shower Cake!
The dress topper , pearl necklace and hankerchief were all made out of fondant !!   I made this a while ago
Darleen was nice enough to send me some pics to post - Thanks Darleen! xo 


Baby Blocks - Shower Cake !

Baby Shower Cake for Shana !
 Covered and decorated with marshmallow fondant and filled with raspberry mousse !
Thanks Mary & Christine!! 

Easter Cookie Favors!

Easter Cookie Favors for my daughters class !


Easter Cookie Platter

Easter Platter!!
Thanks again Merry & Alison ! 

Maeve's 1st Birthday cupcakes!

Chocolate chip cookie dough filled cupcakes with butter cream and chocolate frosting
and cupcake topper for a cupcake themed 1st birthday!
These were sooooo delicious !! 

Cupcake Cookie Favors ~ Happy 1st Birthday Maeve Richlyn!

Lots of cupcake cookie favors !!
Happy 1st Birthday Maeve Richlyn ! 

Beer and Hot Dog Cookie Platter!

Beer & Hot Dog Cookie Platter
Thanks Merry - I hope your son-in-law likes them !! 


Princess & Prince themed cookie platters !

Princess & Prince themed cookies
Thanks again Kim ~ It was great meeting you!

Princess & Prince themed cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes frosted and filled with whipped cream
I made fondant crown & wand toppers and brushed them with edible shimmer
Thanks so much Kim !