Dora Cookies!

Dora the explorer Cookie Favors!
Happy Birthday Meghan!!
Thank you Holly! 

Brookhaven Wildlife Platter!

I donated a platter of cookies (pigs, bald eagles & squirrels) for an auction for the Brookhaven Wildlife along with a gift certificate!  I hope the winner enjoys their cookies and uses their gift certificate soon! 

Princess Cookies!

Princess Cookies & Cupcakes ! 
Thank you Melissa !!

Mario & Luigi Themed Treats!

Happy Birthday Christian!
Cupcake pull-apart cake with edible image 
& Mario & Luigi Cookie Favors! 
Thank you Tanya & Dolly!!

First Birthday Cookie Favors!

Happy 1st Birthday MaKayla!
Thank you Kearstyn!!

Cookie Platter!

Wedding/Birthday Cookie Platter! 
Thank you Karen!! 


NY Rangers Cake & Cookie Favors!

NY Rangers Cake & Cookie Favors!
The cake was vanilla chocolate chip cake with chocolate pudding filling - vanilla butter cream and covered and decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant! 
Thank you sooo much Jessica - I hope Billy was surprised!! 

St. Patricks Day Cookie Platter!!

St. Patrick's Day Cookie Platter for the faculty at WFE!

Butterfly Cookie Favors!

Baby Shower - Butterfly Cookie Favors! 
Thank you Cathy & Adrianna! 


Wolf Cookie favors!

Silhouette of a Wolf - howling at the moon! 
Happy Birthday Zachary! 

Teapot Cookie Favors!

Teapot Cookie Favors!
Happy Birthday Sue!

Welcome !

A platter of cookies (laptops & ticker-tape) also chocolate cupcakes with vanilla butter cream and cookie toppers ! 
Congratulation Siobhan 
on your new job at Morgan Stanley! 
Thank you Catherine!! 

Spongebob Cookie Favors!

Spongebob Cookie Favors!! 
Thank you Patty!

Twilight T-shirt Cookies!

Twilight T-shirt Cookie Favors!
Happy Birthday Makayla!!


Baby Shower Cake & Cookie Pop Centerpieces!
Thank you Krystin !!!

Yo Gabba Gabba Cookie favors!! 
Happy 1st Birthday Taylor!!! 
Auntie Kelly loovvees you! 

Castle Cookie Favors!!

Castle Cookie Favors! 
Thank you Melissa!!

It's a girl cookie platter!!

It's a girl cookie platter!!
Thank you Vicky!! 

Baby Shower Cake & Cookies!!

Baby Shower Cake & Cookie favors! 
Thank you Karen & Kevin!

Garden Cookies!

This basket of cookies along with a gift certificate were donated to help raise money for the Patchogue Community Gardens!

Princess Cookies!

Princess Cookies Favors!
Thanks Melissa!!