Birthday cake!

Happy 60th Birthday to my father in-law Paul!! 
Guess who made his cake ... ME!! 
It was a rainbow cookie inspired cake - 3 spongy cake/ cookie layers - raspberry jam and raspberry butter cream filling and then frosted with chocolate butter cream and chocolate ganache drizzle on the edges! 

Backyardigan themed cookie favors!

Happy 1st Birthday Matthew!  
These cookie favors were for a Backyardigan themed 1st B-day! 
Thank you Michelle from NJ !!

1st Birthday Mickey Mouse Cake!

Happy 1st Birthday Ethan Ryan! 
Thank you Lauren & Ryan!! 

Easter Cookies!

I know - I'm really behind on my posts !! 
I really would like to thank Everyone who ordered platters and cookie favors for Easter!! 
Thank you!! 


Bridal Shower Cupcakes!

Bridal Shower Cupcakes!
Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter cream and a raspberry chambord butter cream rose !
I made these for my beautiful sister in law Daria who was so surprised ! 
I love you Daria!!
  I cant wait till you and Mr.Pat tie the knot!!

Birthday Present Cake!

Happy Birthday Debbie!
Thank you Kristin!!


Baby Shower Cookie Centerpieces!

Baby Shower Cookie Pop Centerpieces!
Thank you Jen!!

Cupcake Pull-apart cake!

Vanilla cupcakes and a Vanilla cupcake pull-apart cake 
Soooo sweet! 
Happy 1st Birthday Hayley!!
Thank you Jaclyn - It was so nice meeting you! 

NY Rangers Jersey Onesie Cookie Favors!

NY Rangers Jersey Cookie Favors for a Baby Shower !!
Thank You Liz!!

Music Note Cookie Favors!

Colorful Music Note Cookie Favors!!
Thank you Vicky!!