Cake Pricing

Pricing for Cakes & Cupcakes are all basic starting prices - each cake is custom made just for you ! 
Cake flavors and fillings are listed below but not limited to so if you have a special flavor you would like but do not see - please ask

Cupcakes are $25 per dozen for basic cake flavor and basic icings (see below for basic flavors) 
Specialty flavors (see below) add $10 more per dozen 
Cupcakes are only sold by the dozen ! 
Sparkles are $2 extra per dozen 
Icing roses (any color) $1 more per cupcake 
Fondant toppers start at $1 each - depending on how much detail - they can be as much as $3 per topper
Special pricing for custom filled cupcakes - $35 per dozen 
Chocolate chip cookie dough 
Cookies and cream 
"Hostess" Style
(Chocolate cake , cream filling and thick chocolate ganache on top) 
Strawberries and cream 
Peanut butter and Jelly -
(PB cake with grape jelly filling and PB butter cream)

 **Cupcake Pull-apart cakes**
A Cupcake pull-apart cake is a cake made out of cupcakes - the icing is smooth ontop like a sheet cake and decorated with butter cream and or an edible image  
the best part is - no cutting required!  Just pull the cupcakes off and hand them to guests!
Pricing for a Large cupcake cake - 40 cupcakes start at $75 (extra charge for edible image)

**Pricing for cakes**
Basic Cake and Filling (not fondant covered ) START at $2 per serving 
Basic Cake and Filling (Fondant Covered and decorated ) START at $4 per serving 



**Cake Flavors - Basic **
Marble ( Vanilla & Chocolate ) 
Vanilla Chocolate Chip 

**Cake Flavors - Specialty**
( Add $15 per flavor ) If the cake is larger than 80 servings - additional fee applies
Red Velvet 
Peanut butter 

**Fillings and Icings - Basic **
Vanilla Butter cream  - filling and icing
Chocolate Butter cream - filling and icing
 Chocolate pudding - filling
Vanilla pudding - filling   

**Fillings - Specialty**
( add $25 per flavor )  If the cake is larger than 80 servings - additional fee applies 
Whipped chocolate Ganache ( can be a filling and icing )
Ganache - White , Milk or Dark Chocolate
Fruit fillings - Strawberry, Raspberry, Strawberry Banana, Pineapple 
Lemon curd 
Mousse - can be flavored Raspberry , Lemon etc...
Chocolate Mousse - White, Milk or Dark Chocolate 
Cannoli Cream 
Mocha butter cream (filling and icing)
Fruit flavored butter cream (filling and icing)
Cream Cheese Icing ( filling and icing ) 
Peanut butter - Butter cream (filling and icing)
Chocolate Hazelnut Butter cream (filling and icing)

Homemade marshmallow fondant - This is used to cover and decorate cakes

***There is a $100 minimum order for fondant covered cakes!***

I decorate cakes with Butter cream and  marshmallow fondant 

Edible images are also available 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me