Ice Cream Cone Cake Truffle Favors!

Ice Cream Cone Cake Truffle Favors
Each ice cream cone cake truffle is hand dipped in white chocolate and decorated with semi sweet chocolate then topped with sprinkles and sparkles! 
Happy 3rd Birthday Maeve Richlyn! 
Thank you Kristin & Uncle Ed!  xoxo!

Get Well Soon Platter!

Get Well  Cookie Platter! 
Thank you Kristina! 

Christening Dress Cookie Favors!

Christening Dress Cookie Favors! 
Thank You Amy! 

April Showers Themed Bridal Shower Cake!

April Showers themed Bridal Shower Cake! 
Thank you Alissa !
Congratulations Genee! 
Yellow cake with cannoli filling 
Yellow cake with fresh strawberry filling 
butter cream icing and covered and decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant! 

Dora Cupcake cake!

Cupcake Pull-apart Cake ! 
Happy Birthday Hayley! 
Thank you Jeff and Jaclyn !  

Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday!

Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday! 
Happy 1st Birthday Charlee! 
Thank you Shannon! 

Cupcake Cake!

Cupcake Pull-apart cake!
Happy 2nd Birthday Ethan! 
Thank you  Lauren and Ryan!

Spiderman Cookie Favors!

Spiderman Cookie Favors! 
Happy Birthday Gavin!! 
Thank you Paige!

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Platter for Liliana's 1st Birthday! 
Thank you Marissa!

Baby Shower Cookie Favors!

Baby Boy Block favors for a baby shower! 
Thank you Kristina!!

Girly Bear Cake!

Girly Bear - cupcake pull-apart cake! 
Thank you Kim! 
Happy 6th Birthday Mia!!