Mini Message Cookies!!

Mini Message Cookies
$8 per dozen
minimum order 2 dozen
on a platter or 6 to a bag!
Check out "pricing" for further details or email me
Now offering a chocolate version of my cookie
Chocolate cookies can be cut into any shape and decorated
just like the original version of my delicious sugar cookies!  

Little Mermaid Cookie Favors!!

Little Mermaid Cookie Favors!
Thanks Maggie - it was nice meeting you!! 

Wedding bell cookie favors!

Personalized Wedding Bell Cookie Favors
for a bridal shower!
Thank you Erin! 

Welcome Home Cookie Platters

Welcome Home Cookie Platters
Welcome home from the Navy George "AD3 Smith"!
Thank you Cathy!!

Sea Animal Cookie Favors!!

Sea Animal Cookie Favors
Octopus, Crab & Shark
for a birthday party at Atlantis Marine World !
Happy Birthday Alexandra !!
Thank you Sandy!

Pirate face cookie favors!!

Aren't these adorable!!
Pirate face cookie favors
Happy 4th Birthday Adam!!
Thanks John & Amy!!

Glee Cookie Platter!!

Happy 10th Birthday Katie!!
Glee cookie platter for a Glee themed party! 

Summer Cookie Platter!!

Summer cookie platter!
Bikini's, flip flops & ice cream cones
These were so much fun to make !
Thanks Cheryl - I hope Karla likes them!!


Baby Shower Cookie Centerpieces!

Cookie Centerpieces for
Stacy's Baby Shower!!
Each guest at the end of the shower took a cookie pop
from the centerpiece!!

Electric Guitar Cake & Cookie Favors!

Electric Guitar Cake & Matching Cookie Favors!!
Happy 16th Birthday John!!
Thank you Lucille!! 

Christening Cake and Cookies!

Christening Cake and Cookie Favors for Ethan Ryan!
Thank you Lauren & Ryan !!