Graduation caps & Diplomas!

Graduation Cookie Favors and a Platter of Diplomas
for my niece Brittany
Congratulations on your graduation Britt!!
We are so proud of you and love you!


Fathers Day Cookie Platter!

Fathers Day/ Thank You Cookie Platter!
Happy Fathers Day!
Thanks Melanie!


Congratulations to my cousin Gabriell on graduating high school!!
We love you !! Good luck in college!!

Bowling Cookies!

Personalized bowling cookies - Thanks Diane!
Happy Birthday Greg!

Princess Pillow Cake!

A princess pillow cake for a bride to be!
Covered & decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant ~ every bit of the cake was edible - even the crown!
Vanilla cake and cannoli filling and swiss
meringue butter cream!
Thank you Karen & Kevin! 

NY Rangers - Hockey Cake!!

NY Rangers Hockey Cake!!
All decorations (including the Ranger logo) were all made of
homemade marshmallow fondant!
Vanilla cake, strawberry filling and swiss meringue butter cream!!
Thanks Karen & Kevin!! 

Engagement Ring Cookie Platter!!

Congratulations Kristen & Chris on your engagement!!
I decorated these with EXTRA sparkle!! 

Lady Bug First Birthday Cookies!

Lady Bug, Personalized #1 Cookies and 3 dozen mini bites
to match cookie platter !
The #1 cookies match her invitations!
Happy 1st Birthday Shaelynn!
It was so nice meeting you Adrianna ~ Thank You!! 

Field Day Ribbon Cookie Platter!!

Field Day Cookie Platter for my daughters 4th grade class!


Chrstening Dress Cookie Favors!

Christening Dress Cookie Favors
Your daughter has a beautiful name!
Thanks so much Hayley!

NY Yankee Jersey Cookie Favors!

                           I gave this (above) cookie to my big brother !!

Happy 60th Birthday Jimmy!!
Thanks Danielle
 I hope your dad has a great day at the Yankee game and enjoys
his personalized Yankee jersey cookies!! 


Christening Dress Cookie Favors and Christening Dress Cake!

Christening Dress Cookie Favors and
a Christening Dress Cake!!
Covered and decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant
the cake was vanilla and chocolate with chocolate mousse filling and butter cream icing
All for my beautiful niece Emilia Grace !! 

Baby Shower Cookie Favors, Cupcakes & Baby Block Cake!

Baby Shower chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes with fondant toppers
Onesie, carriage & bib Cookie Favors with personalized tags
Baby Block Cake with Cookies and Cream cake and filling - decorated and covered with homemade marshmallow fondant!!
Thank you Laura!!
  I hope Meghan was surprised and I hope she got to have a piece of cake and a cupcake!! 

Princess & Prince Cookies!

Princess & Prince Cookies and a platter of wands , crowns and swords!
Thanks Melissa :)