Easter Cookies!

Easter Cookie Platters!
Small platters $25 
Large Platters $40 
Personalized Easter cookies too - great for an extra treat in the kids Easter Baskets! 
$4 each - includes personalization!! Email me!


St.Patricks Day Cookies!

Happy St. Patty's Day! 
Thank you to everyone who ordered platters ! 

Dump Truck Cookies!

Happy 2nd Birthday AJ! 
Thank you Kate & Anthony! 
I had to steal this picture from Lisa - since I forgot to take my own picture! 
I hope you don't mind :) 
I hope AJ had a super special birthday!

Mickey & Minnie Cookies!

Happy 1st Birthday Brianna! 
Mickey & Minnie Cookie pop centerpieces! 
Thank you Debra!

Thank You Cookies!

Thank you Cupcake Cookie Favors! 
Thank you Brenda ! 

Prince & Princess Cake & Cookies!

Prince and Princess themed Castle Cake , Cupcakes and Cookie Favors! 
Thank you Deborah! 
And Thanks to Melissa from - The Castle at Westhampton !! 

Cupcake cake and Cookies!

Happy 10th Birthday Daniella! 
Thank you Rosa!

Star Wars Cookie Favors!

Star Wars Cookie Favors! 
Happy Birthday Christian! 
Thank you Tanya!

Safari Cookies!

These were so much fun to make! 
Safari Themed Cookie Favors ! 
Happy 3rd Birthday Aidan! 
Thank you for your continued business Kasia!

Boy Scout/Camping themed cookie platter!

I made these for Boy Scout Troop 2010's 1st Chinese Auction! 
I hope it was a success - Thank for thinking of me Amy! 
Congrats to the winner! 
I hope whom ever won this platter liked the cookies and uses the gift certificate!!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cookies!

A Platter of assorted teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, slices of pizza and green OOZE!
Thanks Cheryl!

Lego Cupcakes!

Vanilla cupcakes with Vanilla butter cream with 
LEGO cookie toppers! 

Baby Cupcakes!

A sweet treat for a new Mom! 
Jumbo Cupcakes with Chocolate chip cake & butter cream frosting ! 
Thanks Derf!

Oscar Cookies!

Oscar Statue Cookie Favors!
I made these for an Oscar themed party ! 

Get Well Cookies!

Get Well Soon Aunt Michelle!

Chuggington Cookie Favors!

Chuggington Cookie Favors! 
Thank you Myladis!

Gender reveal cake!

So this was my first Gender reveal cake - SOOO exciting and so much pressure!! 
Tara (the mom to be) Got a sonogram ... had them write on a piece of paper what the gender of the baby was ... put it in an envelope and sealed it ... then delivered the envelope to me! 
So Tara had no idea what was in that envelope - only the sonogram tech and I were the only ones who knew! Now I had to bake the vanilla cake and color it either Blue or Pink and once Tara cut the cake she and everyone at the party would know what the gender of the baby would be! ITS A GIRL!! 
So congratulations Tara and family!

Super Mario Cake!

So I have a confession to make ... I make beautiful sweet treats for everyone else except ... MY KIDS! 
I know its horrible!! How could I?
Now dont get me wrong they reap the benefits of trying new recipes - a spare cupcake or two , broken cookies , scraps of cake with leftover icing ... but I rarely make them something super spectacular for their birthdays.  My son just turned 5 and he wanted nothing more than a "fancy cake just like I make everyone else"  those are his words and how could I argue? so I did it!  He loved it !!  
He wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling - it was delicious!!

Valentines Day Cookies!

Thank you to all who ordered Valentines platters and Favors! 
Happy Valentines Day! 

Hungry Caterpillar Cake and Cookies!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful niece Emilia!
Cookies and Cake to match the Hungry Caterpillar! 

Owl Cake !

Owl themed 1st Birthday 
The owls eyes are blue to match Lily's big blue eyes! 
Thank you for your continued business Fallon! 

Bbay Shower Cookie Favors!

Baby Shower Cookie Favors! 
Congratulations Danielle! 
Thank you Arlene & Michelle! 

Chrisening Cake and Cookies

Christening Cake and matching Cookie favors! 
Thank you Nikki!